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Image result for praise


I have been thinking about the prayers that the Lord has already answered in my life, and I am so thankful for all His many blessings. I wanted to share some of them with you, dear readers.

  1. Getting me out of an abusive marriage. I wrote a bit about this in an earlier post, I will share the link to it below.
  2. When I was concerned about possibly losing my job because of performance issues, not only did I keep my job, they provided additional training, and then created a new position for me where I could use my strengths. This resulted in increased revenue for the company. God turned it around, and everyone benefitted.
  3. My wonderful fiancé, who is an answer to all I have prayed for in a mate.

I believe it is so important to recall, daily the Lord's blessings, especially in the midst of trial, so that our focus is on all the good things that the Lord has done for us, and to remind us that He has been faithful in the past, will continue to be faithful, forever and always. He changes not.


How has God answered your prayers recently?

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10 Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse

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Eat these superfoods to get a healthy head of hair. A healthy head of hair is a good indicator that your body is functioning as it should but to ensure that all is well but include these foods, that are choked full of nutrients, to your diet daily to ensure hair growth.

Image source (ahealthblog.comm)

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The most brilliant man of our time, notably must be Elon Musk! Today he publicly explained his endeavors to colonize Mars. He is simply the most phenomenal mind of our time. I don't think it is that he is the most creative but because he is the most daring with his creativity and billions of dollars. He did some pretty amazing things at the Space X address this week!


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In the last few months before I hit 40 I have been making note of mental lifehacks. I remember things changing as I grow wiser with my life friend choices, body, and Knowledge of self. I thought, maybe it would be a good idea to document it for other younger women or ladies that may identify.

Quantum Leaping: My journey to 40..jpeg

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Image result for praying people

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Having a colorful diet is extremely important and adding delicious greens to your daily diet (2-5 days a week) adds a lot of vitamins and minerals and these leafy greens are a superfood and packed with huge amounts of flavor. My favorite greens are: 

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Here is a new stretching video, with a pop music soundtrack. Join me on my #FitnessFriday journey!!

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Image result for Baby Spinach Salad








Raspberry vinaigrette

Goes great with sweet tea! And...this is a salad even your kids might like!! This is one of my favorites because it is a meal all by itself, and all four food groups are represented.

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Image result for green tea smoothies


To make your own delicious, put these ingredients into a blender: 


Green tea (use green tea powder, or brew 3-4 teabags ahead of time)

Bananas (1)

Peaches (1)

Vanilla yogurt (3 tablespoons)

Honey (1 tablespoon)

Quaker oats (1 cup, uncooked)

Lemon juice (1 tablespoon)

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My heart is heavy as I type this. I saw in the news tonight that another young black man had been shot by police. The expected words from those on both sides of the incident--Twitter blowing up--the Twitterverse seems to always know about the news even before the news channels do--LOL.

Tonight I have tried to put myself in the shoes of those in the black community. I grew up, for the first eleven years of my life, in a predominately black neighborhood, I went to a school where white kids were the minority. I have seen for myself, in many places, that racism is alive and well. From Rochester, NY, where I was born, and lived until I was eleven, I moved to a small farming community in NY, with my grandmother, father, and my older sister April. April was Mulatto. I saw a lot of what she experienced, she had friends, but she never seemed to truly be accepted by either group.

So I have seen the racism from both sides, from black people, and from white people.

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You may remember my review of Linda Joyce's book "Behind the Mask" in a previous post. Well Linda is back with a new book, due to be out soon. 

Fleur de Lis Brides: Branna is the first in a series of novels that continue the stories of Branna (Bayou Born), her sister (Bayou Beckons), and Biloxi (Bayou Bound)

Here is the cover reveal of the new book:


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I love being a foodie because there are endless recipes to try and this is certainly one for the recipe book because it's also versatile. I was fascinated when I came across this Kale Caesar Pasta Salad recipe. Kale yeah!!!!  I am always looking for recipes that are BOTH hardy and healthy and this hardy Kale Caesar Pasta Salad from FoodiCrush.com is on point.

I'm a big salad eater, this Kale Caesar Pasta Salad recipe looks delicious and will transition nicely into my Fall meal menu. It's simple, quick, filling and yet healthy, although I a few additions I would possibly switch it up by occasionally adding smoked mushrooms & oysters, and grilled chicken/arugula or tuna/red onions. 


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Normally I write on Technology and Innovation but today I am covering  a topic about something I absolutely love. Ready? I absolutely love Burgers.  National Burger Day was Sunday, September 18th, all over America.


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Once you have allowed your loan officer to pull your credit and you have submitted all of your required paperwork, the loan officer will issue you a pre-approval letter. The pre-approval letter will specify the maximum purchase amount for your home, the loan type, the percentage and dollar amount of your down payment as well as the anticipated interest rate. It will also have an expiration date of between 30 and 90 days depending on the lender you are using.

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Sharing another video by Dephne Madyara. I love her videos!!!

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My daughter and I are always sharing hair tips and competing to see who can grow their hair the longest, we started a new competition this week and it's on because I have this secret weapon called African hair treading. She has an advantage because her hair is already longer than mine.

My darling daughter has never had a perm mainly because her dad wouldn't allow it until she turns 18 y.o., but now she has come to love and learned how to deal with her naturally curly hair.

My daughter taught me about natural hair and how to love my hair. It’s funny because she wants thickness and I want length (girls right). Anyhoo…I came across this video, and BTW I love watching Ms. Dephne Madyara’s Youtube channel!! 


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Do you get the blues when the weather outside is not so nice? I'm a little weird because I love dreary weather but there are some people who get the blues when the sun isn't shinning outside.


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How much do you know about health and fitness? Test your knowledge with this quiz. I will pose each question in a series of posts; comment what you think the answer is, and I will respond and let you know if you got it right or not.

Ready? Let's Go!!


Image result for family holiday meal


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