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Image result for workout couple


A warm is important to warm up your muscles and get them ready for the workout. Warm-up for 5-7 minutes.

Get sweaty

If you are sweating, you are burning calories, and that is the key to burning fat. Your body will burn sugar calories first, and fat calories last. Your cardio workout should last 30 minutes, it typically takes that length of time to get into fat-burning mode.

Cool down

It is not good for your heart just to abruptly end your workout; you need a cooling down period of 5-7 minutes of gradually decreasing the intensity of your workout.


This is important to keep muscles and tendons limber. It is a good idea to stretch after ever workout, when your muscles are warm.

Here are some good workout videos, a few of these I have shared in previous posts, but repetition can be a good thing.

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I met Lukeither in 2012, about 6 months before I graduated from college. I went to Finger Lakes Community college in upstate New York, I received and degree in Administrative Assistance. While I was searching for work as an Administrative Assistant, I found some freelance work as a virtual assistant through a site called Elance.com. I connected with some other virtual assistants through social media, Diana Ennen, Lee Drozak, and Luz Donahue. They inspired me to start my own virtual assistant business. I researched some business corporation forms, and decided an LLC was best for the business. In October 2012, The Virtual Virtuoso LLC was born; a legal business entity, able to operate in New York. I incorporated because I eventually wanted to branch out into website design and product design.

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Health is important and getting rest is so important to having good health. These plants are great to have in the bedroom because they have a positive impact on getting a good nights sleep.

  1. Jasmine (sedative properties, positive impact sleep benefits).
  2. Lavender (great in the babies room).
  3. Snake plants (wonderful for cleaning the air in your bedroom both day/night), emits oxygen during the night and day.
  4. Valerin (enhances the brains GABA system to prepare it for relaxing and sleep), common ingredient for insomnia.
  5. Gardenia (instead of sleeping pills), therapeutic.
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  1. I'm not deplorable. I am aware of Donald Trump's faults and scandals. Do you know why I am aware of them? Because he hasn't tried to hide them.
  2. He is the lesser of two evils, so to speak, because I don't really think he is evil.
  3. He recognizes the problems in this nation, and he has a plan to deal with them; his solutions may not be popular, but they are workable. Say what you will about Donald Trump, this is a man who, when he says he is going to get something done, he gets it done. A good example of this was a government building project in the city where Trump lives, the project was getting bogged down by various things, Trump told the developers, let me take this over, I will get the job done, and guess what? He got the project done.
  4. When he went to Mexico and met with their president, when he met with Putin, say what you will, these leaders respected him, he is building alliances. When the flood happened here in Baton Rouge, Trump flew here to help and encourage people. In those three events, I saw a President.
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It's good to know that chocolate has health benefits (in moderation, ladies). In a previous post, I wrote about the health benefits of coffee--chocolate and coffee go well together, particularly as a PMS remedy.

Coffee post:

The Health Benefits of Coffee--and other Healthy Beverages: Part One

Huffpost Article:




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This a link to a good site with all natural fatigue remedies. A word of caution though, some natural remedies still have side effects, so make sure you read up on possible side effects, WebMD is a good online resource for this.

Image result for tired people african american


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Cardio kickboxing makes for a very intense workout! Not only does it burn fat, it improves your balance, coordination, and flexibility. It is always a good idea to stretch before every workout, so I am including a stretching video, and a 30 minute Cardio Kickboxing Video.

Stretching Video:

Kickboxing Video:


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How psychiatry defines depression

Depression, in psychology, a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life. ... The three main types are bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder (clinical depression), and persistent depressive disorder. Characteristics and causes of depression.

Image result for depression


How the Bible defines it

FromeChristianity.About.com (http://christianity.about.com/od/whatdoesthebiblesay/a/Bible-Depression.htm)

"You won't find the term "depression" in the Bible, except in the New Living Translation. Instead, the Bible uses words such as downcast, sad, forlorn, discouraged, downhearted, mourning, troubled, miserable, despairing, and brokenhearted.


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Over the weekend Kim Kardashian -West was alleged robbed at gunpoint, of  $11 million in jewelry, in their (Kanye & Kim's) luxury apartment while in Paris. Kim K shared this selfie on IG (Instagram) of her 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring and new grill.b2ap3_thumbnail_kim-k.jpg

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Some interesting information about your annual flu shot you may be interested to know:


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October is Domestic Abuse Prevention Month, so I am going to post several articles about that topic, this month

Not all psychopaths are violent--in fact, most of them aren't. One of the most frightening and chilling things about a psychopath is their ability to blend in with society, and seem just like everyone else.

Image result for people taking mask off

They don't feel emotions, with the exceptions of anger and jealousy. They are excellent mimics-imitating emotional responses they don't really feel, but because it is an act, people in their lives may get the sense that something is a little off, the charade is imperfect, but it is difficult to pinpoint what is off about the psychopath. They are narcissistic, and often driven to succeed. They often tell stories about the great things they have accomplished. They have to be the center of attention, all the time. Does any of this sound like someone you know?

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Every woman is beautiful but we all have features that we hate about our looks and hopefully features that we love. My favorite beauty feature are my cheekbones. I'm grateful for my Indian ancestry and for my high cheekbones.



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This is an interesting video I found online. Dancing is really good exercise, and it can be a lot of fun, and a good weight loss activity for couples.

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Guys, which do YOU prefer in a partner when considering a "long-term" relationship? There are so many people looking for the perfect match and it feels so good when you are with the person who is perfect for you. It's one thing to be attracted to someone but what do you look for in a partner?
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Image result for praise


I have been thinking about the prayers that the Lord has already answered in my life, and I am so thankful for all His many blessings. I wanted to share some of them with you, dear readers.

  1. Getting me out of an abusive marriage. I wrote a bit about this in an earlier post, I will share the link to it below.
  2. When I was concerned about possibly losing my job because of performance issues, not only did I keep my job, they provided additional training, and then created a new position for me where I could use my strengths. This resulted in increased revenue for the company. God turned it around, and everyone benefitted.
  3. My wonderful fiancé, who is an answer to all I have prayed for in a mate.

I believe it is so important to recall, daily the Lord's blessings, especially in the midst of trial, so that our focus is on all the good things that the Lord has done for us, and to remind us that He has been faithful in the past, will continue to be faithful, forever and always. He changes not.


How has God answered your prayers recently?

Previous posts:

Embracing a More Excellent Life

You Don't Have to Accept It: Getting out of an Abusive Relationship part 1

You Don't Have to Accept It: Getting out of an Abusive Relationship part 2

10 Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse

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Eat these superfoods to get a healthy head of hair. A healthy head of hair is a good indicator that your body is functioning as it should but to ensure that all is well but include these foods, that are choked full of nutrients, to your diet daily to ensure hair growth.

Image source (ahealthblog.comm)

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The most brilliant man of our time, notably must be Elon Musk! Today he publicly explained his endeavors to colonize Mars. He is simply the most phenomenal mind of our time. I don't think it is that he is the most creative but because he is the most daring with his creativity and billions of dollars. He did some pretty amazing things at the Space X address this week!


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In the last few months before I hit 40 I have been making note of mental lifehacks. I remember things changing as I grow wiser with my life friend choices, body, and Knowledge of self. I thought, maybe it would be a good idea to document it for other younger women or ladies that may identify.

Quantum Leaping: My journey to 40..jpeg

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Image result for praying people

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Having a colorful diet is extremely important and adding delicious greens to your daily diet (2-5 days a week) adds a lot of vitamins and minerals and these leafy greens are a superfood and packed with huge amounts of flavor. My favorite greens are: 

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