Latest blog entries Tue, 23 May 2017 12:51:46 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb [VIDEO] PROVERBS 31 WOMAN - Hardworking I consider myself a determined and hardworking woman but I am constantly looking for ways to improve my character and identify women who are phenomenal that I can use as a measure to get better. I have been watching videos about the Proverbs 31 Woman on Youtube, I started a 31-day journey to learning about the Proverbs 31 woman by watching a video each day.


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Was The iPhone 6s Plus The Last Great iPhone Yesterday Apple officially launched the iPhone 7 and I can officially say that I am over it. I feel like the buzz has gone from the 'Rinse and Repeat', concept applied to Mobile Technology. The next step on the same thing releases are boring now. 


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Removing the Scarlet Letter -- The Evolved Single Parent

The Evolved Single Parent Seminar with Marlene Dillon, Valante Grant and Lisa Goodman


I never intended to be a single parent. I come from a 2 parent home. My parents just celebrated 60 years of marriage. I just knew that I would get married, have kids and live happily ever after. I followed the rules and did what I was told. My marriage was miserable and my life unraveled. I had to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life. Now, I am the mother of a beautiful 15-year-old daughter. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder if I could have done better with a husband. That is my story. That is the scarlet letter that I wore. 

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Hot New Carbon Fiber Rings That Glow There are not a lot of really attractive new tech-wearable devices, but I am super exited about hot new Carbon-Fi Rings. Carbon-Fi rings glow in the dark. That is the one thing I look forward to in the future is clothing that glows. Rings will do for now.

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What are ‘Quick Fix’ Cosmetic Procedures and why are they so popular? Cosmetic surgery has been growing in popularity for decades now. The constant growth of celeb culture alongside social media means that people have never felt more under pressure to look ‘perfect.' Families like the Kardashians have normalized the look that plastic surgery gives, and fake has become the new standard.


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Men’s Footwear – Kick-start your summer footwear collection There is such a large array of men’s footwear out there these days, and it’s hard to know where to start! Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep an essential selection of shoes together – a pair for each occasion as it were. Whether you’re already prepping for the winter, or you’re just ready to put a spring in your step with some summer specials, you’ll need a set of essential shoes to do so.

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You Were a Woman Before You Became His Woman

I was in a relationship with a man who referred to me as "his woman." My dad always taught me not to accept that term. He said that a man calls you his woman, when he is not willing to honor you as his wife. Of course, I thought he was being an overprotective dad and didn't listen. Unfortunately, this relationship supported my dad's position. Very early in the relationship, other women and exes seemed to get more of his time than I did. He always dismissed them as meaningless with no life. One ex, in particular, tried to befriend me. Naturally, I was reluctant and questioned her motives. But, I remained cordial and respectful. 

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Black Velvet Cake Recipe I was mesmerized by this gorgeous cake when I saw it  on Twitter. I know that I had to find the recipe and share it with my readers so you can give it a try.

Black Velvet Cake

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Gift Guide for Foodie Lovers Some people can be difficult to shop for but it doesn't have to be. With a little time and effort, you can find some thoughtful and creative gift ideas.  Food from the hear is a universal gift.

Valentine's Set Marshmallows

$43.00 FOR 3 boxes of marshmallows


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Health Benefits of Green and Black Tea

Food for thought. There are a number of benefits to drinking tea as long as it's green, black or herbal teas.

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CheMinistry A Relationship Platform & Social Hour Image 

may contain: 12 people, people smiling, text

Atlanta isn't the best city to date from my perspective. Chanel Nicole Scott thinks otherwise. She has created a platform for Men and Women to come on the same playing field. Her wonderful event : 'CheMinistry' will make you think outside of the box and date with a purpose. More Info below. Get your tickets today!!

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Happy New Year, 2017 Goals  

I have decided that it's time to start back dreaming again, but a dream without action is just a wish and for dreams to come true we need to establish goals, have a solid strategy and a plan.

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[VIDEO] A Visit With Iris Apfel  

I agree with  Iris Apfel that jewelry is transformative. A nice statement piece can take you from the office to happy hour or a cocktail party in less than half an your. They are excellent as conversation starters and can even be used as bait. b2ap3_thumbnail_-2021314-1481775638.640x0c.jpg
PHOTO: MyDomaine/Jennifer Livingston/Trunk Archive

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Campus Rape Problem PT 2. Image result for group of people

I have noticed these stories emerging on Fox News--I'm not sure if this is an increase in campus rape and sexual assault, or just an increase in these cases being reported:

This is an article about an event that occurred at a Catholic school, of all things. That is a bit surprising--or is it?

Is this an example of going to far in the other direction? While some campuses don't take these accusations seriously, are there others who act on accusations with too little proof? I'd like people to weigh in.


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Anger Excitation--sadistic rapist The final type is also the most dangerous of all the types, so this is an escape or die situation.

Image result for dangerous man

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Anger Retaliatory--displaced anger Image result for angry man


§         Rage towards one person/punish women expressing his rage

§         Often misdirected impulses of hatred toward random victim

§         Sometimes in name of politics or religion, but in general it’s a crusade to hurt women who have hurt him

§         Believes self-importance is most important

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Power Assertive Rapists-Date Rape Continuing this series about rape prevention--I previously wrote about power reassurance rapists, their MO, and methods of avoidance, and escape. I'm writing about these types in order of danger, from the least violent, the power reassurance type, to the most dangerous--Anger Excitation-Sadist. In this post, I'm going to describe the power assertive type, more dangerous than the power reassurance type of my last post.

Image result for angry man

Power Assertive (a.k.a. entitlement, exploitative, can be a “date rapist”)

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Follow Up to Power Reassurance Rapist post Image result for masked criminal


Methods of Avoidance

§         Will tend to terminate the rape if victim resists

§         Most likely of all rapists to be dissuaded if scream, cry, plead, or fight

§         Could be dealing with power assertive rapist starting off with softer approach – do not want to upset that rapist type

§         Start off with nonviolent tactics – crying, pleading, praying aloud – if he becomes verbally abusive, you do not have a power reassurance rapist

§         If you can attack his conscience, or his weak point, the better luck for avoiding the rape

§         Do not attempt to “talk him out of it” – he will interpret that as your enjoying it, like in a relationship – you must use more angry and shocking tactics

§         With this type of rapist, fight; although he will occasionally have a weapon, it is generally an empty threat and he will not want to deal with an overly resistant victim

Image result for woman fighting attacker

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Coline Harmon's Rape Prevention Interview with Kat Stuerk b2ap3_thumbnail_Kat_Steurk.jpg

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