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It is more than painful to see a woman knocked unconscious and dragged across an elevator floor seemingly lifeless by any man who professes his love for her. It should go without saying that what Ray Rice did inside an Atlantic City Hotel Elevator in February, deserved more than a modicum of criticism and scorn. However, it does not deserve the continued media lynching and propaganda peddling of various feminists groups with their own biased agendas. He shouldn’t be the poster-boy, nor the face of domestic violence. As his wife Janay painfully wrote, “THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get?” 

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The Democratic Party Hiding in Plain Sight

Over the last several weeks of being inundated with unending news and constant political punditry against President Barack Obama & his administration; I’ve become extremely disappointed in both the media and the democratic party, of which I’ve supported my entire voting history. The president’s administration has been attacked in the media with one new story seamlessly to another, having little time to change conversations with McCain or whichever resident republican they’re promoting across the daily news prompters on that given day. Whether it’s the VA and its years of systemic failures, the trading of our soldier Bergdahl, IRS missing emails, ACA, Dreamers, Benghazi, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and the now famous “recess appointments”, you can bet the headlines and voices with the most attention are always coming from the right. 

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As I sit today and write to those who dare confront reality vs. fiction, there has been another tragic shooting in America that has been fueled by the hyperbolic rants of faux patriotism and outrageous lies from the Republican and T-Party chambers. It is a known fact that the GOP/T-Party trades on the hate, racism and ignorance of their followers to incite, ignite and control them into the frenzy that was witnessed in Nevada a few days ago. Unfortunately, the good guys with guns, lost. It is also a fact that our media sits silent with culpability while these atrocities occur, hoping for the next shot across the bow against democracy, and their never-ending quests for ratings gold. It is often said, that if you want to hide something from someone, "place it inside a book". I’ve defied that cliche on more occasions than I can remember…knowledge is power & reading is always fundamental.

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LEADING AMERICA WHILE BLACK President Obama and Bergdahl family

US President Barack Obama stands with Bob Bergdahl (R) and Jami Bergdahl (L) as he delivers a statement about the release of their son, prisoner of war US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington. Reuters


This week America should be rallying in celebration for the safe release of our soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; who has spent more than five years in captivity with the Taliban after being taken captive during the unjustified & volatile Afghanistan War. We should also be rallying together to thank our President, Barack Obama (for once again finding peaceful solutions that didn’t lead to war), his administration and especially the servicemen who placed their lives on the line to facilitate the exchange. However, instead Obama is once again caught off guard for doing something that the GOP had been urging him for years to facilitate, but like anything he achieves or is for, they find a reason to be against…even if it means the complete & utter disgraceful attacking of both Bergdahl and his family. It's very sad that as I write Bergdahl's hometown has had to cancel their celebration due to threats and all of the negative coverage of his release that our US media is all too happy to engage and exploit.

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Inconvenient Truth on Race & Racism in America By the time I’ve written what will be my “Maiden Voyage” into the blogging world, or at least the first that I’ve been willing to share with anyone for their critique, there will have been many articles on the most recent revelations on racism written by far more eloquent and esteemed writers/people than myself. 

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