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I purchased this mug for myself. As I drink my tea from this mug, I am reminded of the event that took place leading up to me buying this mug. We all came together to celebrate our daughter's birthday. She wanted to attend one of those movies eat as you watch theaters.

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Go with HIM!! This is a mug that I got from a church I attended.  As I drink my coffee, I am reminded of how I came to be a member of this church.  I came from a church that I had attended for decades. My family and extended family attended and most of my friends.  I remember when I got the unction that God was leading me to leave this church and move on to another church.b2ap3_thumbnail_muggs.JPG

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Sowing and Reaping

This is a mug given to me by my daughter.  As I drink my coffee from this mug I am reminded of a special time when my child was a pre-teen.

And she was supposed to be at church on a Saturday attending choir rehearsal.  She was fighting me tooth and nail because she did not want to go. (Now don’t get it twisted, not physically fighting).  But as much as she tried to get out of going to choir rehearsal I was that much more determined she was going to choir rehearsal.

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The Legend of the Sand Dollar There's a lovely little legend
 that I would like to tell,
 of the birth and death of Jesus,
 found in this lowly shell.


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Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh, My This is a mug I purchased in an airport in Colorado at the close of a family trip.  My family and I spent a week in Colorado visiting family we had not seen for a very long time. We had also done some shopping and took the kids to the zoo.  b2ap3_thumbnail_mmm.jpgMy most memorable experience about this trip is when we went to the zoo and I was afraid to stay inside because the cage that housed the lions in my opinion did not look very secure.

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Thanks Mom This cup was one of my mom's favorites. It is actually a part of a place setting my mom kept set up on her table. You see my mom passed away very expectantly.

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Away From The Norm Today I will drink coffee from a very special mug that my husband picked up for me while in Williamsburg, Va.  My family and I decided to step away from the usual way we spend Thanksgiving to pack up and go spend Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, Va one year.


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It's A God Thing This mug is special because it was given to me by a neighbor.  Let me set the stage. My mother had recently passed away and soon after we moved to a new neighborhood.  Also we had just joined a new church. 


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A Friend Loveth At All Times My mug today is from a friend of mine.  I meant this friend on a job over 20 years ago.  This dear friend has since relocated to another state.
When I am missing my friend I pull out this mug that she gave me many years ago. And as I drink my coffee today from this special mug, I will reminisce of the many good times my friend and I have had.b2ap3_thumbnail_A-FRIEND-MEMORIES-MUGG_20141119-174658_1.jpg

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