Blogs from Oh The Places We Travel with Donna Payne Tue, 23 May 2017 01:09:01 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb New Hampshire Rolling Beauty! The New England area was on the radar, well where is that located? Thanks for asking me, The Girl! The New England area is located in the north eastern parts of the United States, and consists of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, above the state of New York.  The main airport is that we fly into is in Boston, or fly into smaller airports in more local areas. We will visit New Hampshire, where the state’s motto is “Live Free or Die”. It is open, green, and the air is fresh. Some places seem to appear quiet, laid back and not moving real fast. I love that!!

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Visiting Cowboys Country Dallas Texas Come with me to visit Dallas, Texas, home to the infamous Dallas Cowboys, that Royal Blue & silver! It’s a beautiful city which ranks as the fourth largest urban city in the U.S. There is Houston, San Antonio and then there’s Dallas. The flight is on average about 2.5 hours. I found a flight, booked in advance, for under $150, and with a coupon traveled to Dallas for the low $34.00, round trip. Just know there are two airports, Dallas Love Field and Dallas Fort Worth International airports. Hotel stay can range on average from $150 (3-stars) - $390 (5-stars) per night, it’s a beautiful place, and I met the nicest people. 


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Catch a Ride on the new Atlanta Streetcar When you think of cold, misty weather, you usually think, let’s stay in! But not this time, let’s go out! That’s what I thought of while planning a trip to downtown Atlanta with a friend! It’s a beautiful evening to go outside and catch a ride on the new Atlanta Streetcar! We dressed for the cold weather and were prepared to walk. Yes, that means, wear a warm hat, sweater, coat and some comfortable boots, maybe a scarf and gloves. Get this; lots of folk were out enjoying the festive lights in our beautiful city, Atlanta.


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