Blogs from Cairo Qween Tue, 23 May 2017 01:07:53 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Oculus v. Vive Review: My VR Spin I tried them both and now from different perspectives and I know the immediate difference! First, I have to say the best thing that the VR industry has done is set up inside of Microsoft store for public experience. I like that they are at Best Buy and Samsung as well but Microsoft sets the Monitor in the midst of passersby and that has been great for the adaptation and awareness of use Virtual Reality use. b2ap3_thumbnail_virtial-reality.JPG

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What Elon Musk Did & You Missed It!

The most brilliant man of our time, notably must be Elon Musk! Today he publicly explained his endeavors to colonize Mars. He is simply the most phenomenal mind of our time. I don't think it is that he is the most creative but because he is the most daring with his creativity and billions of dollars. He did some pretty amazing things at the Space X address this week!


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Quantum Leaping: My journey to 40.  

In the last few months before I hit 40 I have been making note of mental lifehacks. I remember things changing as I grow wiser with my life friend choices, body, and Knowledge of self. I thought, maybe it would be a good idea to document it for other younger women or ladies that may identify.

Quantum Leaping: My journey to 40..jpeg

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National Burger Day Normally I write on Technology and Innovation but today I am covering  a topic about something I absolutely love. Ready? I absolutely love Burgers.  National Burger Day was Sunday, September 18th, all over America.


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DragonCon 2016 Summer Adventure: For Your Viewing Pleasure I took off for a day vacation and I went to the DragonCon parade, in Downtown Atlanta and wound up staying the entire day. 30 years in Atlanta, of the Con, DragonCon that is. I was not privy to interview the founder of DragonCon but I did have another chance to attend the 2016 event. I had a lot of fun. I spent the entire day from 9:15 am to 11:09 pm. I had a blast. This time I was dressed cool without costume makeup on so I enjoyed it a lot more. 


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Was The iPhone 6s Plus The Last Great iPhone Yesterday Apple officially launched the iPhone 7 and I can officially say that I am over it. I feel like the buzz has gone from the 'Rinse and Repeat', concept applied to Mobile Technology. The next step on the same thing releases are boring now. 


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7 Reasons Why Sophia Stewart's Lawsuit Changes Hollywood History Is has been written that there will come a time such as the time that we are in now, that information will return to man. The prediction comes from all versions of the holy books, ancient calendars and
predictions from Nostradamus. "...the plane of the soul is but the ether of the spirit vibrating not
so fast" ...


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Break the Internet Over the Digital Billboards Discount

Last Friday, we offered a one day sale that could change the face of your business happens today for a few lucky people. If you miss this deal you will be extremely mad with yourself. This is the ONLY time, the Atlanta Time Square Billboard is on sale for the lowest rate that it has ever be offered at.b2ap3_thumbnail_billboard-advertisement.JPG

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Four BIG Reasons Why Mario Armstrong Is A Widely Popular Tech Celebrity A couple of months back I had the opportunity to meet one of my Tech Gurus, Mario Armstrong, the Tech Contributor on NBC's Today Show. I was thrilled just because I am geeky and love most tech shows anyway, but Mario is special. Here are just a few reasons why.


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Hot New Carbon Fiber Rings That Glow There are not a lot of really attractive new tech-wearable devices, but I am super exited about hot new Carbon-Fi Rings. Carbon-Fi rings glow in the dark. That is the one thing I look forward to in the future is clothing that glows. Rings will do for now.

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Spendefy: Millennials Techout Change Recently I wrote a blog about using Technology to create social change. I showed how we could do this using social media. That was just one way to use technology to change policy and create a movement.

 I was fortunate enough to have interviewed the CEO and VP for Spendefy, Eldredge E. Washington, and Antwon Davis, on Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Juarez Jackson. They made a lasting impression on me from the jump, and now they are making the world a better place for everyone economically.


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Microsoft EDU? Microsoft's Professional Degree Take four months of Tech education from the world's lead producer in gaming consoles? Yes! Microsoft finally realized its greatest gift to the world was not just the operating system, but that they have created enough software to literally run a full university. Yes Microsoft has had the Microsoft online academy for over a decade and it is complete with all the certifications you need to ever do anything in technology.

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A Taste Of Tech with LuKéither Willingham BlogNobbers Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Juarez Jackson suffered with some technical difficulties and still had an awesome show. Funny when the Tech Show has technical difficulty. Our guest made the show great!

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Are Adults Really Playing Pokémon? Pokémon has cause a weird craze among adults in the last 72 hours, with the new game, Pokémon Go. I saw 10 post in one day from adults who could not get enough of Pokémon Go. I had to find out why. I asked around and now I know.


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Using Technology For Social Change Pt.2 You have more ability now to create social change using free technology than ever before. Companies, politicians, individuals with brands and media outlets all care about what you say now if you know how to use your influence. Leveraging what you hold dear to your heart to move people/companies/organizations to cater to your needs and desires.

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Using Technology For Social Change Pt.1 Where is the outrage? Where is the political action? Why doesn't anyone do something? We have heard these questions every single summer since the Troy Davis case came to public knowledge. We are just not a proactive nation. We sit by and let things happen until they become so bad that we can't do anything to stop them from happening, or so we believe. Where is the NRA? That is a question. This is their fight! Where are they?


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