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I have decided that it's time to start back dreaming again, but a dream without action is just a wish and for dreams to come true we need to establish goals, have a solid strategy and a plan.

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[VIDEO] A Visit With Iris Apfel  

I agree with  Iris Apfel that jewelry is transformative. A nice statement piece can take you from the office to happy hour or a cocktail party in less than half an your. They are excellent as conversation starters and can even be used as bait. b2ap3_thumbnail_-2021314-1481775638.640x0c.jpg
PHOTO: MyDomaine/Jennifer Livingston/Trunk Archive

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White Rage: Hidden in plain sight, Policies  

White Rage, written by Professor Carol Anderson , a professor at Emory University, is the chronicle from the time the Civil War ended (1865), up to now and the link between white rage and how blacks have met opposition of that rage. 


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[VIDEO] Sneaker Shopping With Gucci Mane | Complex Watch Gucci Mane school us on the shoes we need to step up our sneaker game.

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[VIDEO] 10 Plants You Should Have In Your Bedroom For A Better Sleep Health is important and getting rest is so important to having good health. These plants are great to have in the bedroom because they have a positive impact on getting a good nights sleep.

  1. Jasmine (sedative properties, positive impact sleep benefits).
  2. Lavender (great in the babies room).
  3. Snake plants (wonderful for cleaning the air in your bedroom both day/night), emits oxygen during the night and day.
  4. Valerin (enhances the brains GABA system to prepare it for relaxing and sleep), common ingredient for insomnia.
  5. Gardenia (instead of sleeping pills), therapeutic.

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[VIDEO Wendy shares her viewpoint about Kim Kardashian Robbery Over the weekend Kim Kardashian -West was alleged robbed at gunpoint, of  $11 million in jewelry, in their (Kanye & Kim's) luxury apartment while in Paris. Kim K shared this selfie on IG (Instagram) of her 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring and new grill.b2ap3_thumbnail_kim-k.jpg

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Sculpting Your Cheekbones! Every woman is beautiful but we all have features that we hate about our looks and hopefully features that we love. My favorite beauty feature are my cheekbones. I'm grateful for my Indian ancestry and for my high cheekbones.



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Physical looks or confidence  

Guys, which do YOU prefer in a partner when considering a "long-term" relationship? There are so many people looking for the perfect match and it feels so good when you are with the person who is perfect for you. It's one thing to be attracted to someone but what do you look for in a partner?

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Hair Growth Starts with these Superfoods Eat these superfoods to get a healthy head of hair. A healthy head of hair is a good indicator that your body is functioning as it should but to ensure that all is well but include these foods, that are choked full of nutrients, to your diet daily to ensure hair growth.

Image source (ahealthblog.comm)

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[VIDEO] Night Skincare Routine (Hyperpigmentation/Dry Skin) Sharing another video by Dephne Madyara. I love her videos!!!

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[VIDEO] Doing African Threading For Hair Growth & Retention My daughter and I are always sharing hair tips and competing to see who can grow their hair the longest, we started a new competition this week and it's on because I have this secret weapon called African hair treading. She has an advantage because her hair is already longer than mine.

My darling daughter has never had a perm mainly because her dad wouldn't allow it until she turns 18 y.o., but now she has come to love and learned how to deal with her naturally curly hair.

My daughter taught me about natural hair and how to love my hair. It’s funny because she wants thickness and I want length (girls right). Anyhoo…I came across this video, and BTW I love watching Ms. Dephne Madyara’s Youtube channel!! 


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Lupita Nyong'o ‏via Twitter @Lupita_Nyongo

I have a secret that I can finally share… Guess who came to see me back home in Kenya?!

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[VIDEO] PROVERBS 31 WOMAN - Positioned

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[VIDEO] PROVERBS 31 WOMAN - Hardworking I consider myself a determined and hardworking woman but I am constantly looking for ways to improve my character and identify women who are phenomenal that I can use as a measure to get better. I have been watching videos about the Proverbs 31 Woman on Youtube, I started a 31-day journey to learning about the Proverbs 31 woman by watching a video each day.


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The conversation about immigration policies should not be one-sided. Every person in American should be concerned and engaged in conversation about building a wall along the U.S. - Mexican boarder. Immigration reform is critical for a number of factors, but it is disconcerting that there are “Americans” who are still focused on the division as opposed to embracing diversity. However, this isn’t a new story, the game of dividing and conquering has been a tactic of the oppressor since the beginning of time.


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Beyoncé wearing her Mommy crown As moms, we wear a lot of crowns, but there is no crown that is more cherished than the crown as Mom. 


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How to Let Your DIVINE Light and Love Shine Remember the feeling when a baby is born, it's a luminous time of joy, renewed light, and love. Recall the last newborn in your life and how they brought so much light and love to everyone in their surroundings? However, over time that light start to diminish, and can get so dim, in some situations, the LOVE turns into hate, and the worse form of hate is self-hatred.
 b2ap3_thumbnail_7-chakras-beginners.jpg (image source: mindbodygreen)

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[VIDEO] 66| How To Straighten Natural Hair b2ap3_thumbnail_761fe72a1bf529f6fe28551da9e2fe20.jpg

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[VIDEO] Melania Trump Did Not Plagiarize Her RNC Speech Watch the video as Laura Benanti, Tony winner, gives a funny impression of the "not plagiarized" speech by Melania Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. b2ap3_thumbnail_laura-benanti.jpg

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Stand Up In light of the turmoil over injustice that we are still facing, there comes a time in everyone's life when you have to decide to stand for something that you believe in.


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