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Have you ever considered working with businesses and organizations to build your business? In todays video post, I share 5 reasons you should seriously consider adding corporate clients to your business mix!


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The 5 P's - Turning Your Ideas Into Products That Sell!

Is this you?


I have a business idea, but don't know how to get started.

I have an idea that will change the world, but I don't know how to wrap my idea into a "pretty little package"

I've got something that people will die for, but how can I sell it?

Turning your idea into products that sell can be tricky.  Giving people what they want, exactly how they want it can drive new entrepreneurs into a state of analysis paralysis.  With all the information that's out there, it's can be difficult to find a simple to follow process to get your ideas out into the world, fast!

Here is a simple 5 step system to organize those heaps of sticky notes and notebooks and help you start generating revenue!

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Monetize Your #BlackGirlMagic - FREE Training Call

Have You Downloaded the Monetize Your #Blackgirlmagic Blueprint?


The response to the blueprint have blown my mind!! 

Black women around the world are tired of being frustrated and boxed in.

We're tired of being ignored and overlooked. 

Black women around the world are ready to Stop settling for less and...

Start Getting Paid!

The #Blackgirlmagic Blueprint is 100,000 ft view of the process to make start your business, but I want to take a closer look at the things that you can do to start making money now! I going to share the "real deal" about what it takes to become a full time entrepreneur!


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Why I LOVE Unsubscribers and You Should Too!

Happy Monday!


I have received a few emails over the last few days from people who request that I stop sending them emails.


I LOVE IT.... Here's why!

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Monetize Your #Blackgirlmagic


Today's post is super short and to the point.  I've just released a new FREE Gem that I wanted to share with you!

I've created a digital blueprint to help Blackwomen, just like you, MONETIZE your skills and expertise.  For so long, we have focused on building the dreams of other people, but no more! 

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The Power of Reflection to Level Up Your Business The Power of Reflection to Level Up Business



Have you ever finished up one project and charged on to the next big thing without a second thought?

It happens all the time – we check off our daily and weekly to-do lists with the speed of a cheetah.  You have decided what needs to get done; you do it, and move on!

If you find yourself trapped in this cycle – you are not alone.


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3 Reasons Facebook is a Waste of Time For Your Business 3 Reasons Facebook is a Waste of Time for Your Business!

That's right, I said it.  There are thousands of articles and videos out there that claim that Facebook is the magic key to business success.  The truth is, it can also be a Facebook can be a total waste of time, here's why. 

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Does Your Business NEED a Breakthrough, SOON!!  


Are you working your tail of trying to make your business work?

Do you need some fresh ideas to get you thinking outside the box?

Are you ready to get some suggestions and advice that will give your business the jump start it desperately needs?

You Need a Business Breakthrough!

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Your Business Needs a Makeover! b2ap3_thumbnail_3.png


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Turn Your Fans. Followers, and Friends into Customers!
Are you ready to start converting all those Fans, Followers, Friends, and Connections into Customers!!!
(wow, that was a mouth full!)

I've at work hard at work in my lab designing a new training to address an issue that I've been hearing about lately.

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$5 Tools to Grow Your Business: My Gift to You

I was overwhelmed and reaching the edge.  I couldn’t take one more item on my To-Do List!

I knew that I wanted to help women and I knew that I had to make money.  But, was I supposed to be working around the clock to make it all happen?

I was desperate and I needed help.

As I typically do, I turned to GOOGLE for a solution and I hit a gold mine that I want to share!

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Lesson's Learned From: A Hustler's Handbook!

Everyday I'm HUSTLIN', Everyday I'm HUSTLIN

                                                  - Ricky Rozay

About a month ago I shared my response to the article " A Hustler's Handbook: A 10 Step Guide to Hustling".  The article offered a simple outline that I believe will be valuable to those of you about to start building your business EMPIRE!

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Don't Give Up! The World NEEDS Your Business Idea!
Are YOU about to give up on your dreams of starting a business?
Don't Give Up!
Your breakthrough is only ONE click away.
This week only, I am offering my premium one on one intensive business builder, Mini VIP Day for an extra special price. 
Packed full of BONUSES and "But-Kicking accountability, this is an offer you shouldn't let pass by.

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Are You Ready to Build Your Empire?

Welcome to Building Your Empire with Brandi L. Spencer

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Brandi L. Spencer and I have created this blog as a way for aspiring female entrepreneurs to find the confidence, tools, and resources to build a business EMPIRE that you love!

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