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Is your smart phone smarter than you? Here are 5 ways to tell.


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Removing the Scarlet Letter -- The Evolved Single Parent

The Evolved Single Parent Seminar with Marlene Dillon, Valante Grant and Lisa Goodman


I never intended to be a single parent. I come from a 2 parent home. My parents just celebrated 60 years of marriage. I just knew that I would get married, have kids and live happily ever after. I followed the rules and did what I was told. My marriage was miserable and my life unraveled. I had to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life. Now, I am the mother of a beautiful 15-year-old daughter. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder if I could have done better with a husband. That is my story. That is the scarlet letter that I wore. 

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10 Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse


How many women have been told: “At least he doesn’t hit you?” While physical and sexual abuse are horrific situations, mental and emotional abuse can be just as devastating. The most painful thing about this kind of abuse is that in so many cases, it is never even validated and is dismissed as being “emotional.”

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What's wrong with mamma's boys?


The term "mamma's boy" is often used in a negative way. But, what exactly is a mamma's boy and what is wrong with it? There is nothing wrong with a man who is good to his mother and caters to her. That is actually an endearing quality. However, a mamma's boy is a man who is incapable of functioning independently of his mother.

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A Wise Woman Builds b2ap3_thumbnail_march-womens-month.jpg

A woman's wisdom is the world's power supply. Her power is not determined by kings or rulers or suffrage. She has an internal mill that generates a kinetic energy; and has sustained humanity throughout the ages. What is referred to as intuition, is actually a divine insight into the revolution of the world. She carries legacies in her womb, gives birth to dynasties and nurtures nations.

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Politics vs. Government

A Political Science professor defined politics as the manipulation of the law to suit your own best interest. That definition of politics is being played out in the current presidential election. As caucuses convene across the country, the responsibility of government seems to be getting lost in the politics.

Government is leadership of a body of people that serves the best interest of the people as a whole. The candidates in this election are not leading. They are building campaigns around trending topics.

This election is being lead by pop culture. People are being distracted by propaganda and sensationalization of serious social issues. The drama of the election has overshadowed the power of the office.

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Are You Willing to Pay the Price of Success?

Everyone wants to be successful. The lifestyles of the rich and famous make headlines and dominate media. They live high profile lives and seem to have it all. Many of us look at them and wish that we could live like them. But, have we checked the price tag? As a journalist, I talk to a lot of rich and famous people. Most really successful people have overcome hardships that the average person has not experienced.

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Bruce Sudano Welcomes You to The Burbank Sessions

Bruce Sudano is an accomplished songwriter, musician and singer. His latest release, The Burbank Sessions, is a testament to his raw skill and resilience as an artist. The songs included in The Burbank Sessions were written while Bruce was on the road with his newly formed band, The Candyman Band. The band was performing songs from Bruce's previous release, With Angels on a Carousel. That project chronicled his journey with his wife, Donna Summer, through her illness. Her advice to him was " have to give people can't write a sad record." While on the road, Bruce continued to write and incorporate new music into the live set. After the tour, the band recorded the new songs in their rehearsal studio in Burbank, California.

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LL Cool J's 5th Year Hosting the GRAMMY Awards®

Excitement is building as the music industry prepares to celebrate Music's Biggest Night®. One of the most important decisions for this epic event is selecting the host. Two time GRAMMY® winner, LL COOL J, is set to serve as master of ceremonies for the fifth consecutive year. The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards® will take place at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. Music's Biggest Night® will be broadcast live in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network, Monday, Feb. 15, 2016, from 8–11:30 p.m.(ET/PT). 

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You Were a Woman Before You Became His Woman

I was in a relationship with a man who referred to me as "his woman." My dad always taught me not to accept that term. He said that a man calls you his woman, when he is not willing to honor you as his wife. Of course, I thought he was being an overprotective dad and didn't listen. Unfortunately, this relationship supported my dad's position. Very early in the relationship, other women and exes seemed to get more of his time than I did. He always dismissed them as meaningless with no life. One ex, in particular, tried to befriend me. Naturally, I was reluctant and questioned her motives. But, I remained cordial and respectful. 

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Why She Gets Upset About Things That Have Nothing To Do With Her

It is not uncommon to hear a man complain about a woman being upset about things that "have nothing to do with her." This leads to countless arguments and strains the relationship. I've observed a fundamental difference in the way many men and women think. To women, everything is related. To men, everything is separate. To him, it has nothing to do with her. To her, it has everything to do with her. 

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Getting Back to the Way We Were

It is a beautiful, magical feeling when you meet the man of your dreams. From the moment that you meet, there is something about him. He makes you feel like you've never felt before. You decide to take a chance on him. Before you know it, he has captured your heart. Your love for him is unconditional. More importantly, you trust and believe in him. A wise and mature man recognizes this and cherishes it. He makes sure that he maintains your love and trust. He doesn't jeopardize your relationship with foolish decisions. An unwise man takes advantage, because he thinks that you aren't going anywhere. This doesn't mean that he doesn't love you and plan to build a future with you. He just doesn't realize the long term damage that he is doing. You may not go anywhere, but your relationship will change drastically.

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At the Cross

As we approach another Resurrection Sunday, I am overwhelmed with thoughts of the power of the resurrection. It is the triumphant culmination of the redemptive work that Jesus began at the cross. Many of us will dress our children in fine apparel and will enjoy a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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In My Mirror

I looked in the mirror and saw sadness in my eyes.

I saw worry's crease at my brow.

My lips curled in contempt.

My hair was unkempt and ragged.

A single tear caressed my cheek as I asked myself who is this woman?

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Everyone has an ex or exes. This is the relationship that didn't last. It doesn't matter who was wrong. Sometimes, no one was wrong. It just wasn't meant to be. In order to truly have an ex, you have to be sure that the relationship is over. It is more than not being together. The anger, resentment and pain is gone as well. You have put it behind you and moved on.

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Unhappiness is Unattractive

For centuries women have tortured themselves, trying to figure out what guys find attractive. While guys are attracted to different things about women, most of them seem to find unhappiness unattractive. When your countenance is sad and your attitude is negative, it does not matter how beautiful you are. You become unapproachable. They don't know how friendly, warm and loving you really are. All they see is a woman who looks mean, mad or sad. A mean or mad expression gives the impression that you are difficult to get along with. A sad face means that you won't be any fun. Ultimately, everyone wants to be happy in a relationship. Unhappiness is a huge turn off.

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Zendaya vs Giuliana

At just 18 years old, Zendaya is starring in her second Disney Channel show. She started on Shake It Up. Her current show is KC Undercover. Zendaya also appeared on Dancing with the stars. I interviewed Zendaya a few years ago. She is absolutely delightful. Here is a short clip of my video with young Zendaya.

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The Problem With Social Media is Access

We have all heard people say that social media causes drama. I have always maintained that this statement is not true. People cause drama. Before computers, they used telephones. Before telephones, they sent letters. They probably even used hieroglyphics to create drama. Social media is merely the latest tool for those who create drama. However, it is the most powerful tool to date.

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Celebrity Style at New York Fashion Week


Paris Hilton


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When A Woman Is Tired...

The only thing that is more powerful than a woman is the love of a woman. Her strength is not measured in muscle mass, but in her capacity to love and nurture society. She can carry both male and female in her womb. When she falls in love, she carries her man; in her heart, instead of in her womb. Because he is in her heart, she doesn't give up on him when he is wrong. She will tell him and even fight with him, so that she can help him. She understands that he will hurt her feelings, and releases her pain through her tears. She realizes that love is strong enough to heal the pain. So, she continues to love him.

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