Blogs from BelanFlair Tue, 23 May 2017 01:04:21 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Bling Plus Bling Equates To Wow How can you spruce up your everyday basics without putting much effort into the process?  This is an easy answer…Why not bling it out?  Bling girls truly understand the statement that sparkling jewels create when incorporated into the wardrobe correctly. 


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Do Labels Really Matter? Does the label of a garment determine one’s degree of fashion sense?  For some individuals, labels are completely everything.  While on the other hand, there are those few that could care less about the designer labels.  Regardless of which category you fall into, the most important thing to remember is that your style will set the tone for any wardrobe creation.


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A Handbag Dilemma Why is choosing a handbag such a dilemma for the fashion forward woman?  Maybe it’s the desire to carry a classic arm bag?  Or could it be the option to sport a cross-body bag? 

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The Ultimate Wardrobe Breaker What must a woman’s wardrobe include to make it a complete work of art?  While some would argue that it must be the perfect shoe, others would counter that argument by simply stating the handbag is the must have item.  As both of these arguments are absolutely valid, a woman must never leave home without her jewels!


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Prints, Prints, and More Prints When thinking of the summer season, what prints come to mind or capture your attention span?  Is it the bright and bold floral patterns?  Maybe it is the classic black and white polka dot duo?  If these print choices don’t quite fit your personality, then hold onto your imagination and let the Summer 2015 print frenzy blow you away.


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The Kentucky Derby: Sports or Fashion? What does one find so intriguing about the Kentucky Derby?  Is it the thrill of a two minute thoroughbred race, or perhaps, is it the eye catching spring fashions?  Regardless of personal preference, the Kentucky Derby is certainly set apart from other sporting and/or entertainment events of its class because of the attention evoking hats.


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