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I have noticed these stories emerging on Fox News--I'm not sure if this is an increase in campus rape and sexual assault, or just an increase in these cases being reported:

This is an article about an event that occurred at a Catholic school, of all things. That is a bit surprising--or is it?

Is this an example of going to far in the other direction? While some campuses don't take these accusations seriously, are there others who act on accusations with too little proof? I'd like people to weigh in.


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Anger Excitation--sadistic rapist The final type is also the most dangerous of all the types, so this is an escape or die situation.

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Anger Retaliatory--displaced anger Image result for angry man


§         Rage towards one person/punish women expressing his rage

§         Often misdirected impulses of hatred toward random victim

§         Sometimes in name of politics or religion, but in general it’s a crusade to hurt women who have hurt him

§         Believes self-importance is most important

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Power Assertive Rapists-Date Rape Continuing this series about rape prevention--I previously wrote about power reassurance rapists, their MO, and methods of avoidance, and escape. I'm writing about these types in order of danger, from the least violent, the power reassurance type, to the most dangerous--Anger Excitation-Sadist. In this post, I'm going to describe the power assertive type, more dangerous than the power reassurance type of my last post.

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Power Assertive (a.k.a. entitlement, exploitative, can be a “date rapist”)

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Follow Up to Power Reassurance Rapist post Image result for masked criminal


Methods of Avoidance

§         Will tend to terminate the rape if victim resists

§         Most likely of all rapists to be dissuaded if scream, cry, plead, or fight

§         Could be dealing with power assertive rapist starting off with softer approach – do not want to upset that rapist type

§         Start off with nonviolent tactics – crying, pleading, praying aloud – if he becomes verbally abusive, you do not have a power reassurance rapist

§         If you can attack his conscience, or his weak point, the better luck for avoiding the rape

§         Do not attempt to “talk him out of it” – he will interpret that as your enjoying it, like in a relationship – you must use more angry and shocking tactics

§         With this type of rapist, fight; although he will occasionally have a weapon, it is generally an empty threat and he will not want to deal with an overly resistant victim

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Coline Harmon's Rape Prevention Interview with Kat Stuerk b2ap3_thumbnail_Kat_Steurk.jpg

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Moving On After Sexual Assault I recently posted a few posts about Campus Rape Prevention, and identifying different types of rapists. I also shared some information about moving on after an assault. One of the things that I would like to say to my readers who have been victims, that it was not your fault. It is a flaw of your society that  we too often blame the victim. I also want to say that there may be a period of anxiety, feelings of fear, dread, and flash backs to the attack. But these will pass, in time. What happened to you was a very real, traumatic event, but you don't have to remain a victim. There is healing for you, in Christ, far beyond anything that a therapist can offer you.

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Fly Christian Couple on air-Podcast I found these podcasts via Twitter. The Fly Christian Couple podcasts are recorded by Terry and Tanya McCarter, and they have a new podcast every Sunday, on Christian relationships.

Here is the link to their website:

And their podcast is also available on iHeart Radio.
















Their podcast is also available on iHeart Radio

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National Sex Offender Registry You can find out about convicted sex offenders in your area by signing up for updates from the National Sex Offender Registry:

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Power Reassurance Rapists Rapist Types and Methods of Avoidance

Power reassurance rapists

These are the most common types of rapists on college campuses. When rapes happen on dates, or at frat parties, they are most likely to be committed by this type of rapists. They are not wanting to harm their victim, while they may plan it ahead of time, more likely it is a crime of opportunity. Add to this the lack of good judgment and loss of inhibition that results from drinking lots of alcohol, and there you have the one of the scenarios for on campus rape.

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 That is only one scenario, though. Other times the attack might be preplanned by the offender. Here is a break-down of the behavior aspects of the power reassurance rapist:

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Campus Rape Prevention-Understanding the Problems Pt. 1


This is a very difficult topic, for many reasons. Some of the things that make it difficult is while it is clear that there is a problem, there does not seem to be consensus on the best ways to solve it. How much of the responsibility falls of the women to protect themselves? How much falls on the campuses to protect them? Adding to the difficulty is the cultural tendency, in both law enforcement and administration, to blame the victim, more than the perpetrator. I understand the reasoning, to a point--they don't want to falsely imprison a person who is innocent, and may be the victim of a vindictive lie--but at the same time, that is a weak straw man argument. Understand another viewpoint, and agreeing with it are mutually exclusive.

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Update to Answered Prayers I wanted to share an update to my recent post about answered prayers. Here is a link to the original post:

I'm glad to be able to share with you all that my fiancé's brakes are fixed, and it cost much less than we thought it would. A friend of a friend came over to our house and got the work done in just two days. The Lord is so faithful to answer prayer.

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Image result for Ford 150 sport red

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Product Review: Avon Rare Amethyst



Thank you for reading my very first product review!! Today I am reviewing Avon Rare Amethyst perfume 1.7 fl. oz. First, here is how the Avon website describes Rare Amethyst:

"Reveal the gem inside. Glistening. Gorgeous. Glamorous. Reveal the beauty in every luminous facet. This sensual jewel of passionate plum shimmers with mysterious violet and rich sandalwood. 1.7 fl. oz."

• Top Note: Wet Plum
• Middle Note: Blooming Violet
• Bottom note: Addictive Sandalwood

• Glamorous


So is it glamorous? As with all my product testing, I don't just take other people's word for things. So I bought some Rare Amethyst to try it for myself. I have to say, it smelled better than I thought it would!

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Are Monster Energy Drinks REALLY All That?

 I have heard a lot about Monster Energy drinks--my fiancé drinks them, and I have heard both good and bad things about them. So I decided to do some original research. I bought some. Here is what happened...but first...let's look at the ingredients:

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Rock those Pradas

I re-read this post the other day:

And I wanted to write a follow-up post. It took me a while to learn to take my own advice in the previous article.

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Unscheduled Realistic Rant About Columbus Day and Native Americans I know, that title is not really a title, it's more like a description. I was reading Twitter this morning and I saw the Columbus Day hashtag. There were several tweets about how we shouldn't celebrate a day that resulted in the rape, murder, and abuse of so many Native Americans---agreed---10000% agreed. 

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Stages of an Effective Workout Image result for workout couple


A warm is important to warm up your muscles and get them ready for the workout. Warm-up for 5-7 minutes.

Get sweaty

If you are sweating, you are burning calories, and that is the key to burning fat. Your body will burn sugar calories first, and fat calories last. Your cardio workout should last 30 minutes, it typically takes that length of time to get into fat-burning mode.

Cool down

It is not good for your heart just to abruptly end your workout; you need a cooling down period of 5-7 minutes of gradually decreasing the intensity of your workout.


This is important to keep muscles and tendons limber. It is a good idea to stretch after ever workout, when your muscles are warm.

Here are some good workout videos, a few of these I have shared in previous posts, but repetition can be a good thing.

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How Fit And Healthy You Came To Be #BizWomenWednesday

I met Lukeither in 2012, about 6 months before I graduated from college. I went to Finger Lakes Community college in upstate New York, I received and degree in Administrative Assistance. While I was searching for work as an Administrative Assistant, I found some freelance work as a virtual assistant through a site called I connected with some other virtual assistants through social media, Diana Ennen, Lee Drozak, and Luz Donahue. They inspired me to start my own virtual assistant business. I researched some business corporation forms, and decided an LLC was best for the business. In October 2012, The Virtual Virtuoso LLC was born; a legal business entity, able to operate in New York. I incorporated because I eventually wanted to branch out into website design and product design.

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Why I'm Voting for Donald Trump


  1. I'm not deplorable. I am aware of Donald Trump's faults and scandals. Do you know why I am aware of them? Because he hasn't tried to hide them.
  2. He is the lesser of two evils, so to speak, because I don't really think he is evil.
  3. He recognizes the problems in this nation, and he has a plan to deal with them; his solutions may not be popular, but they are workable. Say what you will about Donald Trump, this is a man who, when he says he is going to get something done, he gets it done. A good example of this was a government building project in the city where Trump lives, the project was getting bogged down by various things, Trump told the developers, let me take this over, I will get the job done, and guess what? He got the project done.
  4. When he went to Mexico and met with their president, when he met with Putin, say what you will, these leaders respected him, he is building alliances. When the flood happened here in Baton Rouge, Trump flew here to help and encourage people. In those three events, I saw a President.

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The Health Benefits of Chocolate It's good to know that chocolate has health benefits (in moderation, ladies). In a previous post, I wrote about the health benefits of coffee--chocolate and coffee go well together, particularly as a PMS remedy.

Coffee post:

The Health Benefits of Coffee--and other Healthy Beverages: Part One

Huffpost Article:



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