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(Image Source: College Humor)

What do you do when you hear the First Lady of the United States is rapping? You watch the video.  

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NBA Injury Report: How it will affect a team’s chance in the playoffs? As the injury list grows longer your teams playoffs hopes start to fade.

It hurts to see your favorite player out for the rest of the season due to injury. And that is what’s been happening for the 2014-2015 NBA season.  When you get the news that your favorite player is hurt; it hits you hard. As fans of the NBA you start to think about your teams chances of making it to the playoffs, and contending for the champion ship trophy.b2ap3_thumbnail_NBA_PLAYERS.jpg

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Serena Williams win 19th Grand Slam Title 19 grand slams and counting.


Saturday evening down under in Melbourne, Australia 33 year-old tennis player Serena Williams won her 19th grand slam title against Maria Sharapova winning 6-3, 7-6 (5).

She knew it would be a hard fought match facing one of her greatest opponents in Sharapova.

Williams hasn’t won the Australian open since 2010. Her win Saturday makes it her 6th Australian open title.

Serena’s job was tough battling the number 2-seeded player in the world in Sharapova. As if battling Maria Sharapova wasn’t enough Williams had to battle a cold along with a cough causing her to be sick.

In the end she seemed to prevail, although there were times she thought Maria Sharapova would walk away with the title.

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Track your favorite team and their trades NBA trade season has begun. And a lot of trades have been happening around the league.
With all the recent trades going on in the NBA here is a way to keep track of your team and their trades.

Brooklyn Nets and Philly 
Back in December one of the first teams to start their trade were the Brooklyn Nets sending Veteran Forward Andrei Kirilenko to the Philadelphia 76ers for Forward Brandon Davis and rights to swap their 2018 second round picks. The Sixers have been struggling for a few seasons now and are looking to win more games then their previous season which was 19 out 82.

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