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Atlanta isn't the best city to date from my perspective. Chanel Nicole Scott thinks otherwise. She has created a platform for Men and Women to come on the same playing field. Her wonderful event : 'CheMinistry' will make you think outside of the box and date with a purpose. More Info below. Get your tickets today!!

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Music Alert (Solange)- Cranes In The Sky

As of October 2016, Solange has made her way up the charts to #1.

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Frank Ski Returns To V103 Airwaves

Frank Ski left The People's Station V103 4 years ago. He returned as of April 23, 2016. There was different rumors going around after Frank Ski & Wanda Smith left the primtime spot of 6 am to 10 am. The rumors of what was going with the Prime Time holders of 14 yrs, died down when Wanda Smith returned with Ryan Cameron.

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Ladies & Gentlemen Lifestyle Tea Party

Atlanta,GA and surrounding areas it's almost that time again. A real adult life size tea party. Be sure to RSVP below:

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Ladies & Gentlemen Lifestyle Tea Party


Atlanta, GA

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He Is Iron Man

A man who has seen the highs and lows of fame – Robert Downey Jr. A search of his name brings up ‘Iron Man’ and a number of things that have darkened his past. He is truly a Phoenix risen from its ashes, like many of the roles that he’s played. The one that comes clearly to mind is Tony Stark. But this article isn’t a recollection of everything that has gone wrong in the star’s life. There is enough negativity out there. Let’s take this moment to appreciate the amazing man that he is.

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The Father of Black History Month


For a long time, it was supposed that the Blacks didn’t have much of history apart from the subjugation of slavery. A man named Carter G. Woodson wanted to change that. He wanted the world to be aware of all the accomplishments of the black Americans. While his idea had garnered mere mocking at first, Woodson was successful in bringing about the recognition for blacks, making it clear that the blacks have significantly impacted the development of social, political and economic structure within the United States and without. 

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Help Her Remain Heart Healthy

In 1997, the American Heart Association launched a survey on American women to find out the number of women who could correctly identify heart problems and the symptoms in women. Only one in three women identified it as the number one killer of women. This is why the Go Red for Her campaign was commenced in 2003 by AHA. As of 2012, the number has doubled.

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Man's World, Her Rules


Although woman make up a great percentage of the entrepreneur world. They are still outnumbered in certain areas of the industry. Women empowering women is what we are accustom to hearing or seeing. We would like to introduce to you a female entrepreneur that has went beyond leaps and boundaries. She is a woman of essence, beauty, class, and style. She is Redd Angel. Take a look below with our interview with Redd Angel. 


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Kevin Hart Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (01/14/2016)

Kevin Hart has truly been a inspiration to millions of people across the globe. He has done the impossible in signing a deal with Nike as the first entertainer to do so. Countless tours that he has sold out arenas, main character in "Big Screen" movies, and the list goes on. The "Nike" deal that he has bestowed upon, didn't just come from who he is onstage and on the big screen. Caring about his health and those around the world to become healthier in everyday life. 

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The Real with Rachel D with Guest Host M.J. Kane

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New Music Video: August Alsina -Song Cry

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Tiffany Terrell (Candylicious Gossip/Publicists)

Video Credit: AugustAlsinaVEVO

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The Shon Murdock Group Presents Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Screening

The Shon Murdock Group Presents A Free Screening for a 107 guests.

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August Alsina Drops Sophomore Album (12-11-2015)

August Alsina drops sophomore album today (12-11-2015) with Def Jam Records. 

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The Real with Rachel D with Guest Ratedd Ramaiseya (12-4-2015)

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The Wiz Live on NBC

"There is no place like home" - Dorothy

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The Real with Rachel D with Guest Judge Kimberly Bandoh (11-27-15)

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The Real with Rachel D with Lyndon Batiste (11-13-2015)

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The Real with Rachel D with Candylicious Gossip (11-06-2015)

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The Real with Rachel D with Ventriloquist William Salaam and Wilson

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