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by in Politics
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As I sit today and write to those who dare confront reality vs. fiction, there has been another tragic shooting in America that has been fueled by the hyperbolic rants of faux patriotism and outrageous lies from the Republican and T-Party chambers. It is a known fact that the GOP/T-Party trades on the hate, racism and ignorance of their followers to incite, ignite and control them into the frenzy that was witnessed in Nevada a few days ago. Unfortunately, the good guys with guns, lost. It is also a fact that our media sits silent with culpability while these atrocities occur, hoping for the next shot across the bow against democracy, and their never-ending quests for ratings gold. It is often said, that if you want to hide something from someone, "place it inside a book". I’ve defied that cliche on more occasions than I can remember…knowledge is power & reading is always fundamental.



The T-Party is an American Fundamentalist, pro-Christian Right, anti-government group, who came into existence after the election of President Barack Obama. The T-Party initially came into being by lauding against big government spending, and later morphed into the terrorist groups we see today, loaded with guns and weaponry, all fueled with hate and anger. The GOP not only has insulted America with their lies regarding the Taliban and their terrorists regime but they’ve ignited the “Gun Terror” we are witnessing in America today. While the T-Party initially claimed they were not affiliated with any party, it became increasingly clear, whom their allegiances were with, and to where their hate and discord actually lied. Their rise was more than just anti-government disagreements, it was the entire disbelief & anger of an America led by a black man…”I want my country back,” was born!


Never in the history of modern America has anyone shown up at a presidential rally, strapped with guns, flags (don't tread on me) and placards daring anyone to challenge them…never in modern America has anyone been allowed to walk into restaurants, bars etc., to the shock and fear of parents and kids alike, carrying assault rifles and guns. As much as I love my Starbucks “grande soy skinny latte”, I do prefer it without a side order of machine guns and ammo. 


 Bring your guns to starbucks day

Image Courtesy of: Daily Dot - Bring your gun to Starbucks Day, Aug 2013



The Taliban as most of you know, is an Islamic fundamentalists group in Afghanistan that formed a government which ruled there from 1996 until 2001. During their reign, they enforced their strict religious beliefs of Sharia Law and other very tribalistic views, while many also strictly followed the social and cultural norm called Pashtunwali. After 9/11 the Taliban was overthrown in 2001 by the American lead invasion of Afghanistan. The overwhelming story here is that the Taliban are no different than the T-Party, both have radical views on religion, government and women’s rights…and for those who are confused, the Taliban are not Al-Qaeda and did not have anything to do with 9/11.


Tparty guns

Above Image Courtesy of TPM: T-Party Rally DC


Taliban are no different than the T-Party, both have radical views on religion, government and women’s rights”.


It is criminal to witness what the T-Party and their cohorts (NRA/GOP) have done to America with the lies and distortion they’ve pedaled regarding the 2nd Amendment, “Right to Bear Arms”. What is even more interesting is the word, "AMENDMENT" and what it means. The Right to Bear Arms was NOT a part of the constitution, it is an all amendments of any article of legality, that must be amended over time to accommodate the changes that occur due to time, circumstance or law. They will not discuss when and why the 2nd Amendment was written. Any real historian or learned individual will acknowledge that it was written during a time where there were no military to protect the various colonies from Indian tribes or foreign foes, no national guards to restore order in time of unrest, thus the need that each home owner be prepared to protect their land and families, as well as be prepared to take up arms when called...hence the phrase, "A well regulated militia". This was Article 1 of the first amendment of the Constitution's 2nd Amendment. However, for those of you whom will still argue the point, the two words, "well regulated", speaks for themselves...too many guns without proper regulation is dangerous to any civilized society and therefore its government must regulate their proliferation.


As you allow what I've just factually stated to sink in, think about what types of guns were in circulation during that era...flintlock muskets, a rifle whose accuracy only traversed within a 100 to 150 take that same fact and apply it to what is being used today and ask yourself how can any logical thinking person apply the 2nd Amendment to its original purpose and modern day US with the most dominant military force in the world, secured seaports and national guardsmen to boot, (a well regulated militia)...add that to the types of weapons being used today as acceptable or needed by every day citizens...surely the framers were not envisioning assault rifles, large magazines, army grade weaponry and all the other types of "Arsenals of Destructions," as a form of 2nd Amendment rights to Bear Arms! 


Come and take it t-party

Image Courtesy of: Washington Post


Sadly, the results of NOT having a "well regulated society" as it relates to guns, has yielded the many unspeakable deaths of inner city children who go mostly unnoticed by mainstream media, Columbine, VA Tech, Wisconsin SikhTemple murders, Amish School shooting,Tucson, AZ shootings (Congresswoman Giffords), the horrific deaths of the little children of Newtown, Colorado movie theater massacres, Westroads Mall shooting, Omaha, NB murders, the recent weeks & days murderous rampages include but not limited to: Fedex, Kennesaw, GA, UCSB & Santa Barbara murders, Vegas T-Party Terrorists, Oregon High School, Cummings, GA Courthouse, Priest murdered in Catholic Church, AZ shooting and the list goes on and on…


I want my country back

Image Courtesy of: WallStreet Cheat Sheet


The real question now becomes: 


What is America Wiling to Accept?


Will we sit back and continue to allow our children to be gunned down, slaughtered in the schoolrooms and yards of America, while trying to obtain an education, play on a playground, shop at a mall or simply be walking the streets of their prospective neighborhoods…and/or our country destroyed by gun zealots, racists and NRA proliferators and profiteers?


Or will we say...It is well passed time to act and demand that our congressional leaders do more than pander to us for votes and support, while doing nothing to represent our views once in office, the many life-time politicians whose jobs in office should not be to become rich from our ignorance and naiveté,  should not be spending an entire term campaigning for the next election, while ignoring the pains of their constituents who placed them there, not to profit from the many lobbyist they claim to despise, but to work towards ensuring that America is not ruled by tyranny & hate…but by the voices of democracy and reason!


Yes! “We must indeed Take Our Country Back", from the real terrorists that are destroying it: The American Taliban & Domestic Terrorists: The T-Party...






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  • Bob Berg
    Bob Berg Friday, 13 June 2014

    Thank you for your article. The Juneteenth expression, "Nobody is free until we are all free!" comes readily to mind. We must be in this as one people to survive.

  • Guest
    Demus Friday, 13 June 2014

    Note: The Tea-Party, formerly known as the The Tea-Baggers date back to the George W. Bush vs. Al Gore presidential election. I wrote an article about them back then.

  • Mark Perkins
    Mark Perkins Friday, 13 June 2014

    Well done Charlie

  • Southern Lady
    Southern Lady Friday, 13 June 2014

    Beautifully written, timely and informative. Charlie, I truly enjoyed this blog. I see other topics I'd like to read. I am now a registered user.

  • Bryan
    Bryan Friday, 13 June 2014

    Well done! The TP was inspired by the Koch brothers (and other interested groups) through FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. So yes it IS a RW "Taliban-ish" organization, but one with corporate & oligarchical backing and influence.


  • ABM
    ABM Friday, 13 June 2014

    While I find it to be a very provocative comparison, I do also agree somewhat. The tea party essentially grew out of the redneck and anti-gov militia crowd and they are dangerous. Remember the 'sovereign citizen' movement that decided they each are a gov't of one since Obama is head of the US. Each one of these maniacs are potential McVeigh type extremists. The GOP is obviously using their lee atwater roger Ailes propoganda to gin up this crowd but what are sane people & the gov't gonna do as these wackos arm themselves? Remember what happened to the Black Panthers?

  • Guest
    mecca Saturday, 14 June 2014

    Great poat. very informative. The low information crowd are destroying this country. They continue to vote against their own interests or not vote at all, which has allowed madness to usher in by policy or politician. The T Party will be the death of the republican party.

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