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The Democratic Party Hiding in Plain Sight

by in Politics
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Over the last several weeks of being inundated with unending news and constant political punditry against President Barack Obama & his administration; I’ve become extremely disappointed in both the media and the democratic party, of which I’ve supported my entire voting history. The president’s administration has been attacked in the media with one new story seamlessly to another, having little time to change conversations with McCain or whichever resident republican they’re promoting across the daily news prompters on that given day. Whether it’s the VA and its years of systemic failures, the trading of our soldier Bergdahl, IRS missing emails, ACA, Dreamers, Benghazi, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and the now famous “recess appointments”, you can bet the headlines and voices with the most attention are always coming from the right. 


What’s missing in the many stories and trumped up partisan rhetoric if not lies, is the democratic party. Where have they been over the weeks if not years of this constant barrage of lies and partisan gridlock? Some of you will say, "It’s not their fault and it’s up to us to vote"…we did vote and we voted for the man that sits in the oval office and for our party to support him and his administration as he carries out the will of the people. Some of you will say, "It's because it's an election year and they have to be careful in their closeness to the president if they want to be re-elected"...more excuses. Do we elect politicians to be endless campaigners more worried about their next elections than implementing the will of the people who got them there? Some of you will say, "It’s because the republicans are making it hard for them to do anything"…that’s merely an excuse for the democrats to do nothing as they have done complicity with the republicans over the last several years. We’ve given them an excuse to do nothing, we’ve demanded nothing of them…all too willing to blame the republicans as they sit back and ride the wave of self righteousness and blame. When owning both the senate and the house, the democrats did NOTHING. It was amazing to watch Senator Diane Feinstein as she eagerly jumped in front of the cameras to do her rounds on the morning shows of various news outlets, while indignantly telling the world the president did not give her or her committee any notice before making the deal to bring Bergdahl home, but ask yourself; when have we seen that same anger and media blitz coming from the democrats during the many onslaught of attacks the president has had to combat alone?



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In reading my twitter feed I am often disenchanted at the bubble that I see most people living in, everyone tweeting the same rhetoric and only listening to the same news channel(s) that gives them that safe comfort in their beliefs they so desperately need. The danger in that is we become easy prey for politicians to manipulate and do as I feel the democratic party is now guilty of. It’s unconscionable to think that the democratic party has allowed the minority party to rule and overshadow Obama’s entire presidency without barely if any pushback. Where have the democrats been in voicing their support of Obama and his administration, as well as the will of the people? Why has the loudest voices only come from the right side of the aisle? With the many accomplishments he's delivered to the democratic party, why are they hesitant to lift their voices in support and praise? Why are the distant drumbeats of impeachment once again echoing in the halls of congress…along with the outrageous claim of Boehner’s call to sue the president, when even the most strident of anti-Obama haters know there’s nothing he’s done that could warrant such grandstanding...not to mention any legal precedent or standing that would allow it? 


These past few weeks we have been hijacked across our airways & newspapers by the same military warmongers who lied us into the first Iraq war, trying to now convince us that black is blue and blue is black as they desperately try to push us back to war. I was amused at their complete and utter impudence in saying that Obama is somehow responsible for Iraq’s failures...all of this without a sound of anger and/or admonishment from the democratic party. The media along with the Bush administration, who were all complicit in beating the war drums (CNN, FOX, NBC etc., were all some of their biggest advocates as they are again now), are attempting to re-write history and their role in leading America to war along with the many lives that were lost. Watching Cheney and his daughter boldly blame Obama for Iraq’s issues was more than unsettling, it was distasteful to see and realize how desperate and low the media has become; nothing more than ratings and propaganda extremist, to even allow them one second of respect or attention. Lastly, any rational thinking democrat must ask themselves where have the democrats been in the midst of all the unprecedented attacks and gridlock? As one friend of mine just said to me, “they’ve all intentionally given up and waiting for Hillary to save the day”…but my response is, "They’ve never been there for him from the beginning to concede anything but instead have chosen to hide in plain sight"


Note: This article may be viewed in many ways but it is my hopes it is viewed as a rallying call to action, to demand that the democratic party do right by this president and that we are emboldened by all of the many attacks from the right and the democratic party's apathy to VOTE...



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  • Guest
    Byron Sunday, 29 June 2014

    A lot of Democrats are afraid to stand with PBO, for fear that they will lose their own elections. They are afraid that their base's personal feelings will overshadow their common sense as it pertains to the president. Cowards, yes, for they would rather let "their" president stand alone rather than do what is right, for fear of the backlash for supporting the "Black Guy!" Yes, I did inject race into the equation.

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  • Guest
    Carla Martin Sunday, 29 June 2014

    This post is on point, as usual, great job Charlie! People need to push back against the MSM for constantly betraying their integrity. They've become a joke. It's infuriating to look at the Dems complete lack of support for this Prez!! Incumbent Dems need to start worrying! Votes can't be taken for granted. Thanks again, Charlie

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  • Guest
    Trish B. Sunday, 29 June 2014

    First off, "Hiding in plain sigh"? I absolutely disagree with you. Just because the Democratic p[arty has not came out slinging unnecessary mud...their hiding? Because the Democratic Party decides there are much more important issues opposed to playing high school girls fight? Your not a very in-depth writer...You are way to personal & maybe just maybe you should consider both sides instead of just your side.You're very critical & that's okay if you have a definite answer to the solution oppose too just bashing. We get it your unhappy the Democratic Party decided to take the high road and deal with real issues. But let';s be very clear here, you nor I are in a position to streamline an entire party. i strongly suggest you try a differnt approach on your next article and in doing this you might get a few fans that enjoy your blog. ditto

  • Charlie Peach
    Charlie Peach Monday, 30 June 2014

    Trish, whoever you, it is you who seems to have a personal agenda against me. This is one of only four blogs that I've written in as many weeks & I've obtained over 10K views & over 5K retweets, and you have been the only vile & vicious comment that I've received (not that I'm against corrective & positive criticism, of which yours was not)...I don't think I need your advice or direction, you don't ever have to read anything that I CHOOSE to write & my life will go on just fine....

  • Guest
    LWilliams Sunday, 29 June 2014

    The Republicans all all but admitted they will lie to advance their agenda. This quote appeared in the New York Times Magazine back in 2004; later attributed to Karl Rove:

    The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." ... "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

    Like you said, the Democrats - who I view reluctantly as the lesser of two evils - won't call them out. Or maybe it does no good to call them out since there are so many individual tools in the U.S. who will eat up the lies.

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  • David J white
    David J white Monday, 30 June 2014

    I've been saying this for the LONGEST TIME, "Democrats asleep at the wheel" in protecting the sanctity of our vote and the man we voted for. Not 1 protest of record in the last four years in support of #PBO. Good job #PeachySweet in VOICING MY FRUSTRATIONS with the pusillanimous Democratic party.

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  • Charlie Peach
    Charlie Peach Monday, 30 June 2014

    I do realize that politics like religion is a very sensitive if not personal topic for those who are seriously engaged in either, my blog is simply my personal journey and beliefs and with that, I realize there will be many who disagree. I welcome all comments positive or otherwise...debate is always a good thing as long as well all remain respectful.

  • Guest
    Bryan Thursday, 03 July 2014

    Thanks Charlie! I agree with much of what you say. Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, the Democrats have never been very good at “messaging” and seem to always concede this to the GOP. But, more often than not, Democrats get the POLICY right. Most recent example of this dynamic is the Affordable Care Act, where Dems miserably failed the messaging debates in 2009-2010, but are now seeing the law achieve some of its policy goals. Gone too are the Dem firebrands like Ted Kennedy in the Senate or Anthony Weiner in the House, who could command media attention so critical to messaging.

    On the other side, the GOP has a well-funded media propaganda machine, led by Fox News, with the reach, money, & propensity to push Conservative views - even when devoid of FACTS - or even outright LIES!

    And then there’s the MSM - or as Sarah Palin likes to refer to them, the “Lame Stream Media” (it’s the only thing that Palin has said that I can agree with) - which I define as “other than Fox News." In their misguided attempt to be “balanced" and to not appear "liberal," the MSM have been derelict in their duty to shine light on what’s REALLY happening in America. Instead of showing how it’s been ONE PARTY obstructing economic and social progress & NOT LISTENING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, MSM go out of their way to find false equivalencies to try to show “both sides do it.” BOTH SIDES DO NOT!

    Anyway, yes, the Democratic Party is culpable as you say for not being more forceful in promoting the President’s policies and agenda. Some the them - and they know who they are - have been downright SHAMEFUL! But, the reality is, the other side’s had A LOT of help!

    Keep writing and smiling!

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