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by in Politics
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President Obama and Bergdahl family

US President Barack Obama stands with Bob Bergdahl (R) and Jami Bergdahl (L) as he delivers a statement about the release of their son, prisoner of war US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington. Reuters


This week America should be rallying in celebration for the safe release of our soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; who has spent more than five years in captivity with the Taliban after being taken captive during the unjustified & volatile Afghanistan War. We should also be rallying together to thank our President, Barack Obama (for once again finding peaceful solutions that didn’t lead to war), his administration and especially the servicemen who placed their lives on the line to facilitate the exchange. However, instead Obama is once again caught off guard for doing something that the GOP had been urging him for years to facilitate, but like anything he achieves or is for, they find a reason to be against…even if it means the complete & utter disgraceful attacking of both Bergdahl and his family. It's very sad that as I write Bergdahl's hometown has had to cancel their celebration due to threats and all of the negative coverage of his release that our US media is all too happy to engage and exploit.


However, instead of celebrating the republicans & some rogue democrats, have once again found a reason to “Stop & Frisk” the president and demand that he explain why he chose to secure a deal without their knowledge. Interestingly, when Bush released more than 500 detainees (this is backed up by Military Task Force that runs the detention camps) from Guantanamo Bay, there weren’t any rules in place demanding that he run to congress before doing so. It would be remiss of me not to mention that at least one of those whom Bush released was a suspect in the Benghazi Embassy bombing attack. Yes, "Leading America While Black" is an unequal proposition. It should also be noted that this so-called permission slip from congress, was only implemented in December of 2013, after congress knew that the president was considering a trade to obtain Sgt. Bergdahl’s release...nothing more than another obstacle the republican's have put in place to do everything they can to limit his power and ultimate control as POTUS. I’m confused at how congress can come together and agree on laws that limit the president’s power, but never seem to agree when it’s time to do anything for those in need…after this revelation one must also ask themselves, how much of this is all political games and posturing with no real intentions from either side of helping Obama and ultimately Americans in achieving the goals he was elected twice to achieve.


After this week’s display of complete hypocrisy and subversion from the right (and some democrats) how can America look itself in the mirror without honestly saying that Obama’s only real crime is that of, “Leading America While Black”? When we will stop pretending that race has not been the defining factor in the treatment that he’s received? Unfortunately, the president is receiving the same type of scrutiny and racial discrimination that African Americans deal with daily with “driving while black”, “stop and frisk”, ‘prison industrial complex”, and other systemic racially motivated acts of unjust. How will there ever be a “Post Racial America”, when we allow the types of discord & political treason that’s levied against the first black POTUS on a daily basis? How can America root for the potential campaign and election of it's first female president when we've not given Barack Obama the same chance that has been given to all of his predecessors before him? How can women fight so hard to elect any woman to higher officer when we've let the first black president be subjected to such vehemence and racially motivated hate? Sadly, it's a fact that most of those same women have not joined the fight against racial discrimination and inequality, but shout loudly to coronate a woman to higher office, while daring anyone to subject her to the least amount of scrutiny or discord. It’s easy to ignore things that one sees as no significance or threat to them.


It is no secret that the gun loving, warmongering republican party is known for their, “We are Patriots” banter, yet this week they chose politics over patriotism, as it related to the exchange and release of Bergdahl…a soldier and kid who went to a foreign land at 21 years of age to fight a war that had nothing to do with truth but everything to do with American greed and Bush’s lies. It has been alarming and sad to see the politicians who came out over the weekend to applaud Bergdahl’s release, then after getting their talking points, quickly deleting all tweets and posts they made regarding him. It was just last week when the republicans were up in arms with Obama and his administration about their feigned anger of the treatment of veterans regarding the VA debacle, then without any shame this week they've locked ranks to attack someone who is not only a veteran but was a POW as well.


It was only two months ago Senator John McCain (R. AZ) said in a CNN interview that he was all for the president doing whatever he needed to do to secure the safe release of Bergdahl and just two weeks ago, Senator Kellie Ayote (R.NH) sent a letter to the president pushing for him to do the same. To call this very blatant & corrupt change in opinions anything but what it is, would be an insult to all whom have witnessed the corrupt and utter treason coming from the right. 



AC360 and McCain


Below comments and above image are from the AC360 Transcript on February 18, 2014


First, though, new efforts being made tonight to bring home the only American soldier in captivity, Bowe Bergdahl, is his name. The army sergeant was seized in Afghanistan back in 2009. He's been held this long. He's believed to be held by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani Network inside Pakistan. 


Over the years several proof of life videos of Bergdahl have been released. CNN is unable to independently confirm their authenticity. But just weeks ago the U.S. Military obtained a new video that's never been publicly released. It's raised concerns, though, about Bergdahl's health. 


The Taliban has long demanded the release of five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo in exchange for his release. Well, today a U.S. official confirmed that new discussions led by diplomats and the Pentagon are underway. 


As you know the United States has long policy saying they don't negotiate with terrorists. That's the official policy. But time may be running out. With U.S. troops set to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, there's the prospect of leaving a man behind. 


Senator John McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, of course, has been a vocal opponent of negotiating with the Taliban in years past. 


The above transcript supplies ample ammunition against the contemptuous, fraudulent and outright lies that are now being levied at Barack Obama in an attempt to further malign and discredit his leadership and administration. This transcript was written on February 18th and EVERYTHING that Senator McCain is discussing above was exactly what the Obama Administration carried out. The republican’s can't continue to assume that all American's are as blinded and easily lead as they have lead their sheeple, nor can they continue to lie to the American people in suggesting that they have an issue with the subsequent trading of five Gitmo detainees for one American life, when in the transcript above McCain clearly agrees with and knows of that potential outcome. With all that has been alleged and lied about regarding this negotiation for Sgt. Bergdahl; I am sure McCain's then Admiral father, did all he could to ensure his sons release as a POW, and ultimately the US did trade for his return even after it was clear he had give up secrets to stay alive. I might also add as a math major, the fact that Obama traded five detainees for one soldier is not an indicator of imbalance but an indicator of what the value of one American soldier really equates to.


There have been many rumors of impeachment, but if anyone should be on trial it should be the republican party, it is one thing to deny various policy initiatives that the president has worked to achieve but it's a dangerous and completely insane congress that stands before America and slams the release of one of our soldiers from captivity for purely political and bias reasons...a soldier/kid who was only there because of the lies, manipulation and greed of the Bush administration and the republican party.


The republican party have gotten away with far too much without any form of pushback or reprimand; I will never forget the night I watched the President's State of the Union speech and heard the now infamous words, "You Lie". I can't explain the sheer anger and utter disgust that rang thru my ears to witness such disrespect of a sitting US president whose only crime was, "Leading America While Black".  What was even more egregious was the celebratory and fundraising that occurred for Wilson after he made such an un-American and out right shameful insult towards a sitting president. Or let's not forget in 2011, MSNBC Sr. Political Analyst Mark Halperin who called the president a "dick" on national television, or the many distasteful magazine covers and pictures depicting negative and often times disgusting pictures of the first lady and the president. Never in the history of presidential office has any president been subjected to such hatred and disrespect. It has to be said that though the republican's have waged a war against Obama on all fronts, if I am being honest; I must ask the question: Where are all the democrats and why have they not stood up to fight for their president, instead of sitting back quietly watching the show?


Although, Barack Obama has only a few years left in his presidency; I wonder will the likes of Doris Kerns (presidential historian) be honest in their critique of him and acknowledge the real reasons for the many roadblocks (Stop and Frisk) he deals with daily, or will they do as the now defunct media does and admonish him for being aloof and arrogant (code words for not knowing his place), and whine for his not allowing them inside his inner sanctum? Or will Ms. Kerns & others be honest in their critique and state the obvious, that Barack Obama with all his many roadblocks (Stop and Frisk) will go down in history as one of America's GREATEST presidents, who against all odds, stood firm "Leading America While Black"?


Note: Those of you who really know me, know that I've never been an Obama apologist. I've consistently challenged him in areas that I felt he needed to address...but no matter my issues with him, I will never sit silent and watch the attempted modern day LYNCHING and emasculation of him by the racist and contemptuous right. 


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  • Guest
    lukeither Thursday, 05 June 2014

    Charlie, firstly let me say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You did it and I'm proud of you.

    Now the topic of your article "LEADING AMERICA WHILE BLACK" is brilliant. Your insight on this subject has given be clarity about the root to this debate. I've been passively listening in on this topic and although I agree with everything in the article, especially that "the republican’s can't continue to assume that all American's are as blinded", but where I have pause is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl troop states that he was captured after abandoning his troop also, what measures were warranted to release five high level member of the Taliban in exchange for him.
    I'm still waiting for details to emerge on this topic because for me (based on what I've heard from the media for what it's worth) something isn't adding up.
    Brilliant article!!

    Reply Cancel
  • Chico
    Chico Thursday, 05 June 2014

    A brilliantly insightful commentary on the sad reality that, even when doing what should be done, the haters will hate the fact that a Black President is doing it. Evidence that what he is doing is, and has never been, the issue, but rather that it is President Barack Hussein Obama who is doing it. I like using his whole name, by the way, as I know it further upsets those who hate him for not only being black, but for having what they would consider such a non-American name. Perhaps the vitriol being spewed against the Bergdahl family will help even some right-leaning moderates to realize how absolutely rabid and personal the Conservative movement has become, their fear and hatred of "the dark" - that open secret - no longer whispered in hushed tones but shouted seemingly from every platform. By whatever means Bergdahl became a captive, he is an American citizen who deserves the opportunity to be brought home to deal with his fate. Keep up the good work!!

    Reply Cancel
  • Super User
    Super User Thursday, 05 June 2014


    As always you have brilliantly and succinctly stated all that I've felt in writing this and more. I sincerely hope that others who have been less accepting of his presidency will also see as you stated what this is really about...and also, that this young man deserves the opportunity to be brought home no matter his circumstances of capture...

  • Guest
    Robert Williams Friday, 06 June 2014

    Dear Charlie,
    Very good and well researched blog! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Super User
    Super User Friday, 06 June 2014

    Thank you Robert...much appreciated!

  • Guest
    Byron Friday, 06 June 2014

    You are 1000% right, you have managed to include all the aspects of the blatant hypocrisy and hate, which our president has had to deal with. You should be the one to write the critique of President Obama's presidency, to provide truth and fairness. The apologists will write that, it isn't the racists' faults that Obama faced obstruction on everyone of his decisions, they will say that it's his fault, for being born black!

    Reply Cancel
  • Super User
    Super User Friday, 06 June 2014

    Thank you Byron, I am humbled and appreciative of your critique...however, I am far from being a writer worthy of such a role...but I will always be willing to speak the truth no matter how ugly it may be or who doesn't like it:-).

  • Guest
    Byron Friday, 06 June 2014

    If you have never written a book on this subject matter you shoud. I know a couple of publishers who may be interested. You should take your knowledge and skill to that level, if you have not already. All I ask in return is, the forward gets dedicated to me! :-)

  • Guest
    jada mayo Friday, 06 June 2014

    Leading while true. I also think as Clarence Thomas said this is a high- tech lynching. ?.thats true for this President. He's stopped& Frisked on every move he makes, by our White Leaders up on Capitol Hill. But ive been thinking about Doris as well, she's an Historian I trust...I hope shes stays true to her beliefs and Integrity.

    Reply Cancel
  • Super User
    Super User Friday, 06 June 2014

    Thanks Jada, I truly appreciate your reading and your insight...let's hope that Ms. Kearn's will do the correct thing for history will also judge her as well...

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