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 I pray all is well. This article is being written to introduce you and the world to a new term "Hair Variables". I'm asked all the time "how long a style was last", "can I get this style", or "will this style look good on me". Well that all boils down to your "Hair Variable".

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To Press or Not to Press.... Now that is the question Hey Naturalites,

                I pray all is well. Well I'm writing this article because I notice a lot of women going natural yet they are desiring to wear their tresses straight. That is fine, as long as you know that it is damaging. I see all the time (especially with doing hair shows) women with "thermo damage" hair. Thermo damage tresses is when you have lost one of the most important part of your hair variables, "ELASTICITY" .  This is the tresses ability to be stretched out and bounce back to it's original curl pattern. When you are putting heat on your tresses, people it is important to take your "hair variables" into account. It is very important to also be careful of the "total heat index" that you are putting on your tresses.

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8 Ways to grow thicker longer tresses Hello There NATURALITE NATION!!!!

             Blessings to all!  As a natural stylist I am asked constantly what can be done to achieve long healthy tresses. What can you do as a client at home to motivate this process? Well I am here with some answers!!!! Yayy!! (I know

Here are 8 ways to ensure long, healthy and thick tresses:

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OKAY, THIS IS SOME REAL SMIT!!!!... What clients don't realize is that you build a relationship with your clients. You are in a business where if "you don't touch ahead you don't get paid." A lot of you clock in for someone else, so whether you work or not you still get paid. NOT SO MUCH WITH ENTREPRENEURS. Respect the entrepreneur and when you find a good one stick with them.

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