BlogNobbers Breakfast Club A-Listers Brunch

As the summer is becoming a distant memory, the BlogNobbers Network (BNN) is back from summer break and in full effect with our bi-weekly meetups. Although our social calendar is booked through the end of the year, we decided to take some time to hobnob with the fabulous members of the BNN.

Bloggers and Business Ladies met at Poor Calvin's Restaurant  to the quarterly #RSVP only BlogNobbers Breakfast Club to let our hair down, laugh, have fun, and chat about fashion, food, and a few other topics that are only discussed around the table.

The Breakfast Club met at Poor Calvin's today, and the ambiance is as always, PERFECT. The upbeat restaurant is always PACKED and filled with high energy and great vibes. The food is always fresh, and the complex flavors cater to a variety of taste buds.

The weather played its part, and we were about to pull out our boots, furs, and wraps, and of course almost any occasion in Atlanta is a good occasion to bring out your bling.

These A-Listers were looking FLAWLESS in their furs and jewels. The A-List includes... Elisha Batson, Founder of Belan Flair Fashion, Janet Jack, Founder of KSS Solutions #PenPaperMic, and Lukeither Willingham, Founder of the BlogNobbers Network.

The food is delicious and according to their Web site, Poor Calvin's is "a unique oasis in Downtown Atlanta that offers a rare cuisine of Thai fusion with Southern influences." Their specialty seems to mix up seafood with staples of the Southern and Asian cultures.


What do these ladies from diverse career backgrounds have in common? These ladies are in the fashion, entertainment, and technical industries but there is power when women come together and the satisfaction of knowing that you can be yourself. 




We all had a time to remember and anticipate the time we meet for our next BlogNobbers Breakfast Club Brunch.